At The Voodoo Rooms we are big on cocktails; it just seems fitting for such grand, ornate settings. In our first year we won "Best Cocktail Bar" at the SLTN National Awards. Similarly, our bartenders aren't shy when it comes to competitions: victories include The Diageo World Class UK Final, The Bacardi Legacy Final, Wild Turkey UK Final and Speedrack UK.

Our themed cocktail list are all original creations by seven highly talented members of our team; many of which pushing the boundaries of invention, and all utilising exemplary spirit and liqueur brands old and new. We even have dedicated shifts where the bartenders make up the new few days' worth of our extensive list home-made ingredients, bitters and brews.

And don't be shy about asking for a classic; our enormous gantry is crammed with boozy options, including our collection of over sixty rums and tequilas.

This list is available as a pdf here.

Release the Voodoo

Summoned from faraway exotic lands, these mysterious spirits have been sent to stir your soul and shake your inhibitions! Now go do that voodoo that you do!

Release the Voodoo
Release The Voodoo.

Captain Scene | £8.25

The tribal drums beat to the sound of Diplomatico Reserva Rum, Olorosso Sherry, chocolate bitters and pistachio syrup; served straight up - vamanos!

Can You Dig It ? | £9.50

A mystic crystal revelation of Herradura Reposado Tequila, pink grapefruit compote, lime, vanilla and lashings of pineapple and mango juice, over ice.

Rye Tai | £8.25

This newly unearthed tiki treasure sees Bols Genever, blue curaçao, lime and orgeat housed in crushed ice, then topped with a prized layering of Rittenhouse Rye.

Man On The Silver Mountain | £9.95

The surreptitiously smoky Aprendiz Joven Mezcal is brandished with a monstrous mix of Kummel liqueur, lime, celery bitters and cumin-infused agave; served straight up.

Old Salty Dog | £8.25

Straight up serve of seafarers’ favourites Doorly’s 3 Year Old and Wood’s Old Navy Rums, ritually bound to some Pimento Dram, guava juice and salted demerara gomme, then shaken to a tasty demise!

Endless Summer

There’s nothing wrong with a slightly active imagination; and if you want sunny picnic vibes in your garden all year round, you’ve got it! Just not in your back garden.

Endless Summer.
Endless Smmer.

A Grape Deal | £7.95

Preposterously refreshing mixing of Reyka Small Batch Vodka, Chenin Blanc, vanilla and some black grapes, served stemmed and over ice.

The Curious Cucumber Party | £15.50

Super-smashing picnic shaking of Hendrick’s Gin, limoncello, Peychaud’s Bitters, dill syrup, lemon and black pepper. Served in a nice flask and cups set - huzzah!

The Queen Bee | £8.25

A delightfully light adventure, featuring Distil No. 9 Vodka and our adventurous mix of Cointreau, honey water, Angustora bitters and Orange bitters; served straight up royally in a Tea-Cup.

No. 171 Cooler | £8.25

Put your feet up and exhale like a winner, with our tall serve of Portobello Road Gin, lemon and home-made spiced iced tea, over ice.

Be All, End All | £8.25

A tremendous yum-fest shake of Absolut Vodka, apricot brandy, Angostura Bitters, green tea, ginger, honey water and pineapple juice, over ice – just wait til you see how we serve it!

Whisk(e)y-a- Go-Go

This section is dedicated to the galore of our national treasure and its relatives worldwide. Down it goes!

Whisk(e)y-a- Go-Go.
Whisk(e)y-a- Go-Go.

Millionaire's Shortbread | £8.25

The smoky treats of Laphroaig get a shaking with walnut liqueur, espresso, caramel and brown sugar. Served straight up with crushed biccies and chocolate shavings, yum.

Whiskey Macklemore | £8.95

Over to Sweden for a clean and rich shakedown of Mackmyra Whisky, Stone’s Ginger, crème de bananes, walnut bitters and fresh ginger. Appropriately, served over ice.

I Carried A Watermelon | £8.25

A julep of Evan Williams Extra Aged Bourbon, Umeshu Plum Sake, Angostura Bitters, mint and watermelon; served in a tin cup over crushed ice. The dancing’s over, now it gets dirty.

Gorilla Marketing | £8.25

Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt gets the serious shakes with Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum, PX Sherry, spicy syrup and pasteurised egg white and yolk; served straight up.

Streets of Loretto | £8.25

Get off your horse and sip this fine mix of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, lemon, pink peppercorns and mint; served over ice.

Spiritual Soundtrack

‘I’m in love with rock and roll!’ Since day one, live music has been a big deal for us, featuring a dazzling selection of styles and genres. Keep an eye on our website and social media for what’s coming up!

Spiritual Soundtrack.
Spiritual Soundtrack.

Bim Bom Bem Bom | £8.25

A subtle, rhythmic and straight up mix of Bem Bom Brazilian Rum, Drambuie, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, orange bitters and lemon juice. Bim bom bim bim bom bim bim…

Salt 'n' Pepa Margarita | £8.25

Let’s talk about Mex! We push Tapatio Blanco, pineapple juice, agave nectar, lime, salt and pepper into a real good shake; served with a splash of ginger beer.

The Sips Don't Lie | £9.50

Columbia’s finest, La Hechicera Rum, Pimento Dram and apple liqueur go into the shaker(a), with some tropical juice, vanilla and pasteurised egg white, straight up. Don’t (she) wolf it down too fast!

Jimadors Break on Through | £8.95

Hello, I love tequila! Don Julio Blanco Tequila, almond milk, coconut water and pasteurised egg white relight the shaker for this straight up mix.

Cream Get on Top | £7.95

A symbolic and custardy mix of Kraken Spiced Rum, Velvet Falernum, vanilla, lime, pasteurised egg white and yolk is shaken hard enough to cause a house quake, then served straight up.