If you are looking for a corporate entertainment package then we at The Voodoo Rooms are able to draw on our extensive experience in entertainment to offer up distinctive and delightful corporate events packages which can include food, drinks receptions, presentations, breakout rooms, dancing, cabaret, casino nights and a whole lot more. Below you will find just a few examples of options that we can bring together to create a corporate events package designed to your specifications.

Gypsy Charms & Viva Misadventure - Two of Charm School's Burlesque Class Leaders

Comedy, Cabaret, Magic and Burlesque

The Voodoo Rooms is a great cabaret venue and if that's your bag we'd be happy to create an evening of comedy, cabaret and magic for you, in proportions to suit your taste. We have a range of quality performers on the books and we'll be happy to book them in for you. We can mix and match this option quote happily with food, served at your tables, or with live music & dancing, courtesy of our DJs (or your ipod).

Musical Events

A We have a range of our tried and tested musical extravaganza's up our sleeves, with themes including Soul, Funk and Swing, which respectively offer up the worlds best. Themes can allow plenty of scope for dressing up, great music that you know and love, and generally having a bit of fun.

Tastings and Mixology Classes

We are able to offer classes including wine tasting, rum tasting, tequila tastings and cocktail mixology. These classes can be tailored to suit various group sizes and cover the different levels of knowledge, ranging from the novice through to the expert.

Please contact our events teams by email on info@thevoodoorooms.com or phone at 0131 556 7060 to discuss a booking, or for further information.