'Remember, remember the 05th of November!'

The amazing, manga inspired, renegade, fugitive band PSYDOLL, from Tokyo, Japan collide with raging, flash art, flash music creation, METALTECH from Edinburgh.

Propping up these comic book inspired stage acts and to add a touch of 'art-house' respectability tinged with total chaos, our wholly music theatre influenced trinity is completed by 'the Come Club Collective, DJ's and interactive artists!'

Together they take over the fabulous Voodooroom's Ballroom for a night of music circus inspired, mayhem, fireworks*, art, dancing, visuals, eye-popping and aurally inspired music and arts performances.

Psydoll are Nekoi, Uenoyama and Ucchi in Edinburgh on their UK, 'Through the Spyglass Tour,' 2009.

METALTECH are: Erik Tricity, Lord Thrapston Flagellator and System V

Come Club and Collective include Benjamin Newell, the 'Get Messy' DJ's, Steven Morrison, Callum Monteith and a cast of thousands of arthouse collaborators far too numerous to mention individually here! We thank them all!

Our mystery burlesque dancer and fabulous assistant will be, er, wearing a gas mask so you may not recognise her anyway but come see how hot she is in it! More on her to follow in subsequent updates!

What they say about these wholly original, unique acts!

Psydoll, inimitable j-rock, melodic metal, electronic retro-futurist industrial sounds, blended with a sci-fi, manga, music theatre presentation, from Tokyo Japan, signed to Planet Ghost in the UK.

Metaltech, metal-industrial band with uncontrollably wild, electronic beats, sequences and a show that is a charismatic celebration of flash art inspired rock music stage performance, signed to Alex Tronic Records.

Come Club and Collective develop and present multi sensory, interactive music and art club events. They work with bands, art installations, performances, DJS and visuals with the aim to create completely different clubbing experiences.

Together with our fabulous burlesque assistant, they bring you a night of music theatre and circus. Probably, the biggest, wildest, craziest music event, anyone has ever fitted into Edinburgh's most bijou venue! They will probably say that it shouldn't have been done, but here it is anyway! For one insane night only! Experience the mesmerizing stage presence of these incredible acts, in one truly entertaining show and one amazing afterparty! Everyone is invited!

So, 'remember, remember the 05th of November and be there too!'

*To avoid disappointment, please note that any fireworks mentioned above are by neccessity, metaphorical ones. This is because they had to get the word 'fireworks' in somehow, as it is all on the 05th of November aka 'fireworks night,' for the kids! Well these are all grown up fireworks, certificate PG and then some!


Music Theatre Bands and performances by Psydoll from Tokyo, Japan / Metaltech, Edinburgh, Scotland.

/ Mystery Dancer :: 'A Circus Burlesque' / A Taste of 'Come,' Club :: Come Club DJ's and Art Collective.


Formed in 1997 by vocalist Nekoi and guitarist Ucchi, the duo's shared love for Japanese animation and science-fiction films provides the inspiration for their sound. Adding digital percussionist Loveless in 1999, they refined their cyberpunk industrial sound and began performing internationally outside of Japan, the band has played in Canada (Anime North), and the UK's Beyond The Veil Festival. Their debut CD "I, Psydoll" features artwork by renowned manga artist Senno Knife.

More info at http://www.psydoll.com/

More info at http://www.japanfiles.com/psydoll


'We were born, we got a bit older, decided we wanted to be barbaric warlords and just focused on destroying s**t music using plasma cannons. Due to a lack of funding, caused by various sponsors withdrawing their capitalist pounds and dollars from our project, the neccesary amount of plasma cannons was not acheived. A much more cost effective strategy was then put in place whereby we would create music that ISN'T s**t and listen to that instead. So far the project appeases both our appetites and our egos, so, based on our hunger for destroying global politics and placating our egocentric natures we have decided to let you humans in on the fun! Enjoy it like we do. METALTECH is the raging creation of one Erik Tricity and his overwhelming desire to rule your festering planet...on discovering that one person is not enough to rule earth, he gained the war-hungry talents of Emmett Christie and Rory Alsop to help realize his dreams....the world may think it's ready....but it's not.'

More info at http://www.myspace.com/metaltech

Come Club and Collective

The COME collective is an open group of artists from many different disciplines. We work with each other with the aim to bring our arts together in a more relaxed, yet exciting setting so the viewer can interact with and think about the work. The collective brings the arts together to experiment and unite them, so we can evolve the arts and the way they are perceived.

Dandy Riots (previously named Get Messy) are the resident DJs from COME club night! At each event we mix music, perform, project visuals, and create dance floor/ DJ installations for the audience to interact with. We try to make a connection between art, music and the audience during our DJ sets.

More info at http://www.myspace.com/comeclubnight

More info at http://www.myspace.com/getmessydjs

Admission price TBC from Ripping Records. Over 18 only.