Martin Stephenson and The Daintees
Martin Stephenson and The Daintees

Martin Stephenson convened The Daintees in the early 80's, the name deliberately chosen as a response to the humourlessness and angst of much of the music of the time. The Daintees became one of the first bands to sign with the Newcastle-upon-Tyne based independent label, Kitchenware, and their debut single, "Roll On Summertime" was a sparkling, cheerful item that announced the arrival of a considerable new talent.

After Kitchenware packed The Daintees off to London Records, they released the marvellous debut album, "Boat To Bolivia" (1985), under the Production auspices of future Pixies/Bunnymen/James sound man Gil Norton. The album positively burst with excellent, rootsy pop songs, boasting a veritable rainbow of styles, sung and played with a youthful enthusiasm and warmth that paradoxically, perhaps, displayed a mature, unique Songwriting voice.

Songs such as the bittersweet "Crocodile Cryer", the alcoholic's lament "Little Red Bottle", the emphatic "Running Waters" and the haunting ballad "Rain" further underscored the impression that "Roll On Summertime" had made. Lengthy bouts of touring saw Stephenson and the band taking their music to the people, and they loved it, carving an awesome reputation as a live act.

Subsequent albums were "Gladsome, Humour, and Blue" (1987), "Salutation Road" (1989), and "The Boy's Heart" (1992).

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