Kabarett DysUtopia
Kabarett DysUtopia

Serious satirical silliness, songs and democratic participation, fascist entertainment. Join us for some jovial celebration of high functioning democracy. Retrospective foresight calls for a little Cabariot.

In these turbulent times let us stockpile some joy for the new 20s.

An evening of cheerful sardonic singalongs, satirical participation and special guests…. a little midweek entertainment to get you to the weekend….

Ukulele, Cello, Bowler Hats, a little Weimar Kabarett for these curious times.

From 1883 to the present day the Creative Martyrs have been singing songs of wry observation and suggestions of repeating histories. So fortunate we have all learned from our mistakes, the world is such a more peaceful and kinder place as such, myriad wonderful futures await. Do join us....

Advance tickets £10 stbf. Over 18 only.