At last, the new Candythief album "Imaginary Medals" is ready to release and we have a killer line up of Edinburgh bands to put the GOOD into GOOD FRIDAY. Connect your spirit and heart to your body with an evening of the very best in eclectic original music Edinburgh has to offer. We are so excited to play this music for you and so looking forward to enjoying the fantastic performances The Eastern Swell and The Marriage will give.

The new album is festooned with propulsive riffs, jubilant melodies, and spacious reveries. Ambient, psychedelic builds give way to black-eyed carnival noir blues and urgent but precise arrangents tinged with a chanson touch of Jacques Brel and Neil Hannon : a crisp, beguiling and distinctive modern take on European songwriting.

Tracks from the new album are getting positive attention on BBC Scotland and BBC6 music right now.



Candythief (aka Diana De Cabarrus) is refreshingly distinctive and unusual, supplying an vital alternative version of the female artist. The new material has the unusual compositional hallmarks typical of Candythief arrangements along with anthemic melodies; deft, distilled lyrics and driving rhythms.

Lovely... haunting stuff

Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

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The Eastern Swell

The Eastern Swell
The Eastern Swell

Some bands appear to arrive fully formed from the off. All their influences, musical stylings and concepts are in place, the flaws ironed out, right through to the final execution with every piece intact.

The Eastern Swell are one such beast. An Anglo-Scottish outfit, formed in Edinburgh in 2014, the final pieces of the jigsaw were the name change from Lainie & The Crows to The Eastern Swell and signing to Edinburgh’s Stereogram Recordings.

Produced by Pete Harvey (of Modern Studies, Meursault and King Creosote repute) in his own Pumpkinfield Studios, “One Day, A Flood” is an album ideally listened to right through as a whole in a single sitting. A proper album in the 60s/70s sense. Many of the tracks are linked together so that despite wide-scoping musical styles, there is an underlying cohesion.

Musically it spans many genres – folk, neo & pastoral psychedelia, punk, prog and late 60s/70s rock can all be detected in places. There are some pretty interesting and tricky time signatures in there too, which add a math-rock element.

Factor in the Influences the band have cited when making the album which include Syd Barrett, mid-period Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Fairport Convention, King Crimson and Todd Rundgren through to more (relatively) contemporary artists such as the Pixies, Thee Oh Sees, Cat Power, Gillian Welch and Tame Impala and you get a heady brew indeed.

This all brings a refreshing eclecticism to the proceedings, as it flits from genre to genre, while the work of Dave Friedman and Kevin Parker proved an inspiration production-wise.

Thematically, “One Day, A Flood” is all about vulnerability and the frailties of being human. It's quite dark in parts (“What's Done Is Done” and “Run Down Country Palace”) but not without some rye smiles, and a touch of sweet joy in “Temples” (about the birth of guitarist and songwriter Chris Reeve’s first son).

Although the songs are sometimes very personal in nature, you could see the darker elements of the album as a wider reflection on the political/economic state of the world over the last few years. There's some punky social commentary in there too (“Dancing Zombie Blues”) and all out paranoia via 60’s acid psychedelia in “1000 Yard Stare”. Meanwhile, lead off single “Rattling Bones” is about the fear of getting older, and the fragility of love. 

Producer Pete Harvey has also added string arrangements to a number of tracks and his cello playing brings a somber beauty to the music.

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The Marriage

The Marriage is the powerful songwriting combination of Kirsten Adamson and Dave Burn. Adamson and Burn have been making waves in Edinburgh and London for years and their collaboration delivers heart wrenchingly beautiful folk/country harmony. Bring binder twine to tie up your heartstrings...

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