"Seamonster" Album launch.


Chiara Berardelli
Chiara Berardelli

Chiara Berardelli is an Italian Scottish singer-songwriter living in Glasgow. She has played the piano since the age of 6 and recently left her job as a doctor to follow her passion in music. A lover of words, chords and honesty, Chiara’s beautifully crafted songs tell of life itself.

Seamonster is her most personal project to date, inspired by the lost dream of one day becoming a mother. The ten songs depict a journey from the crashing realisation that something so longed for is gone forever to the tentative beginnings of new-found joy in the track Somewhere New.

Chiara will be accompanied by a full band, with Biff Smith’s gentle harmonies and Jackie Baxter’s emotive cello playing creating a warm, melodic soundscape.

Berardelli’s willingness to be so open about such a personal struggle lends her music a uniqueness that is rare

Atwood Magazine

More info at http://www.chiaraberardell​i.com

More info at https://www.facebook.com/ChiaraBerardelliMusic

Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan
Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan is a Scottish singer/songwriter based in Edinburgh. With her melodious acoustic sound and emotional songwriting infused with remarkable honesty, Amy has established herself as one of the brightest musical talents in Scotland.

More info at http://amyduncan.co.uk/

More info at https://www.facebook.com/amyduncansongs?fref=ts

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