"Squall Echo Rale" LP Launch.

Previously trading as Reviereme, Scottish singer/songwriter Louise Connell has reverted to her own name for a diverse, deep-vein double album which vaults her into contention as one of the most insightful and pertinent songsmiths, anywhere, to have emerged in recent years.

Squall Echo Rale covers a lot of bases, and bosses all of them. Accessible hits-in-waiting have hard truths nested beneath their impeccable surfaces: the cautious, incremental optimism of Careful Unplanned ("Stitched little yesses over bleeding nos"), or the barbed appraisals of Crossed The Line ("And I could have been a genius, if you’d tested me in my native tongue"). Mortality tugs at the baroque string arrangement of My Wandering Mind, while the equally elegant Shrapnel exemplifies Connell’s gift for penning succinct aphorisms which speak volumes: "We’re the darkness it takes to see the light". This approach also informs the discreet tenderness of Ilo and We Night, the empathy that underscores the bleak No Visitors and the harrowing domestic abuse scenario of Outside.

It’s a genuinely haunting listen; not just in terms of its melodic tenacity, but also in the way Connell’s lyrics lodge in your mind for keeps.

Oregano Rathbone, Record Collector


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