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As the Fringe was off, and you couldn’t come to us for your 2020 fix, we brought the Fringe to you in a bumper online package.

We have converted The Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy into a socially distanced studio and, together with promoters Blond Ambition and PBH’s Free Fringe, assembled a selection of our favourites to perform for you. The stream was free to view on this page and all aged 18 or over were welcome to view. We recoorded te show whch can be found on our youtube channel or viewed below. As there are no tickets or restictions and everyone has given their time and effort with no expectation of any recompense (just like any other Free Fringe event ever), there donation links listed and if you feel the need you can donate.

On Saturday Night from 7.30 pm until late we presented a gala variety show hosted by Mister Meredith

  • Eamon Goodfellow
  • Woodstock Taylor - Donation Link
  • Van Gogh Find Yourself
  • Obie
  • Silky
  • Chris Cook
  • MC Hammersmith

Then at 9pm Bruce Devlin took the reins with performances from

  • Dusty Limits
  • Elliot Bibby
  • Jesus L’Oreal
  • Frank Sanazi
  • Ivy Paige
  • Lady Carol
  • B the Gentleman Rhymer
  • Gypsy Charms with an Illicit Thrill message.

Click here for the Digital Donation link for the Bruce Devlin hosted section of the show.

2020 Fringe Gala Show - Stream and recorded on Saturday 26th August 2020. Please note this features bad language.

Following Saturday night’s spectacular, a selection of artists from PBH’s Free Fringe performed full shows all day from 12.30pm....

  • MUSIC Arlen - The Great American Songbook - Donation Link
  • THEATRE Corin Rhys Jones - 300 to 1 (written by Matt Panesh) - Donation Link
  • COMEDY John O’Brien (Obie) - Stand Up - Donate via paypal at Johno.obie@virgin.net
  • COMEDY Silky - Stand Up
  • COMEDY Tom Little - National Treasure
  • MAGIC Ash Pryce - How to be a Psychic Conman - Donation Link
  • CABARET The Creative Martyrs - After The Apokalypse - Donation Link
  • CABARET Laurie Black - Space Cadet - Donation Link