Tequila and Rum are our speciality at The Voodoo Rooms! Our gantry is literally groaning under the weight of over sixty different expressions of each wonderfully diverse spirit. To give you a taster, why not have a look at some of our current recommendations here: Rum & Tequila.

Tequila Tasting

The pride of Mexico continues to gain credibility and boasts a huge range of widely differing flavours, that we hope will pleasantly surprise your tastebuds’ perceptions!  There is so much more to Tequila than slamming with salt and lime!  We'd be happy to arrange a tasting session to guide you through the wonderfully nuanced world of Tequilas and Mezcals.  We stock over sixty brands from household names, to the latest releases, to the wonderfully obscure and top notch collectables for the high-flyers!

We offer Rum and Tequila Tastings
We stock 60 expressions of both rum and tequila.

Rum Tastings

We are also big on Rum, a category which has gained massive popularity in the home of Whisky in recent years.  If you’d like to expand your horizons, why not arrange a private tasting session with one of our in-house rum experts to let you swim the warm waters of this tantalizingly diverse spirit category?  Like our Tequila bounty, we stock over sixty Rum brands, some of which we guarantee you won’t have seen before (Enmore 32 Year Old anyone!?)

Why not have a look at our bartenders current recommendations here: Rum & Tequila.