The Voodoo Rooms epic new drinks list has been unleashed with a brand new batch of suggested serves. Mostly just a lightly adventurous addition or twist to well known spirit and mixer combos.

The full list is available as a pdf here.

Verdita Blanco | £4.75

A shot of Tapatio Blanco Tequila, sided with our house Verdita mix.

Plum Bourbon and Pop | £4.75

Evan Williams Extra Aged Bourbon, plum bitters and cola, over ice.

Prosecco and Orange | £4.95

A celebration of the classic duo, served tall over ice.

Hendrick's Iced Tea | £4.75

A conscious coupling of Hendrick’s Gin and home-made iced tea, over ice.

Totally Tropical Tapatio | £4.75

Tapatio Reposado Tequila and Lilt over ice.

Absolut Passion | £4.75

A threesome of Absolut Vodka, passion fruit and ginger beer, over ice.